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90 Day Fiance: New Star Sam Is Ready To Reveal His Big Secret To Citra

90 Day Fiance

As far as entertainment is concerned, reality TV is the best. There is drama and so much more. And fans love 90 Day Fiance for all the ‘entertainment’ it provides. The show is currently on its 10th season. Sam and Citra are all set to join the show.

The audience saw them in the 9th episode of the season. Sam is from America, and Citra is from Indonesia. They met on a dating app and now are ready to take the next step in their relationship. But Sam has been hiding a big secret from Citra. In the preview clip, Sam prepares to reveal it to his lover, but it might put their relationship at stake.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Is Ready To ‘Unveil’ His Past! How Will Citra React?

Citra is from Indonesia and is a Muslim. And all these things might pose a problem in their relationship with Sam. It is because Sam has been keeping a secret from Citra. He is afraid that Citra’s father might break the two up when Sam reveals the secret.

The 90 Day Fiance star struggled with addiction. Sam started using pain medication at the age of 15 and developed an addiction to it. He told the audience about his addiction and mentioned that Citra does not know about it. However, a preview clip indicates the TLC star might finally open up to Citra about it. But he is scared that this reveal might end their relationship.

Sam told the cameras that he had “been keeping” the secret from Citra. Now, he is “worried” that when “she tells her dad,” the relationship might end. “He’s gonna forbid her from marrying me,” Sam added. Since the Indonesian-native is a Muslim, drugs and drinking are a deal-breaker for her.

The American native has been ‘addiction-free’ for a good ten years now. But he admitted to having “relapsed a few times.” Sam really wants to “stay clean” for Citra as she “is coming soon.” So now, both the audience and Sam are worried about how Citra will react to Sam’s past. Will she break off their engagement, or will she support him? The upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode will reveal the answers.

90 Day Fiance: Are Citra & Sam Still A Couple?

After the preview, fans wonder if Citra and Sam will survive on the show. They want to know whether the two are still together. And luckily, Citra’s Instagram post has some answers. 90 Day Fiance fans will be delighted to know the couple is still together.

In fact, Citra’s Instagram updates indicate that the two are enjoying life together. Citra arrived in the US in April 2023. And her Instagram post had a photo of her and Sam celebrating their first Halloween in the US as a couple.

So, we can say that they might have married each other as April to October is more than 90 days. The TLC star is happy. She has also acclimated well to life in the US. And the couple is still going strong. For more 90 Day Fiance updates, see TV Season & Spoilers.

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