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90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort’s RESULTS Are Almost Out — Couples Will Reap What They’ve Sown

90 Day Fiance

The Last Resort has been creating anticipation among its viewers since day one. It has brought some of the most famous yet controversial 90 Day Fiance couples who were trying to mend fences. They had many therapy sessions and got a chance to seek professional help in facing their demons as well.

Hence, now is the time for the results! The outcomes are almost out, and fans are still in disbelief about how the dynamics have changed in the last moment! What is the final result of these couples? Were they able to survive? Or did they give up on each other?

90 Day Fiance: What Is The FINAL RESULT Of The Last Resort’s Couple?

90 Day Fiance’s newest edition, The Last Resort, has created history by bringing five couples under the same roof. Now, they could work on their relationships and would also be watching other’s deteriorating or mending bonds. All these couples underwent several group and solo therapy sessions with some experts who tried their best to encourage them to make their relationships work.

As the show is getting closer to its end, the couples will soon reap what they have sown over the years, as the outcomes are on the verge of coming out now! Recently, TLC dropped a sneak peek, which featured Yara and Jovi again having an argument while Kalani made a shocking revelation to her gal pals.

Yara from 90 Day Fiance accused Jovi of hiding something big from her, while the latter made it clear that he didn’t do anything wrong. Zaya wanted to discuss the issue, but her husband didn’t pay much heed and simply left. The clip even shared a moment where the former was in a devastating state and was crying her heart out.

Then, Kalani admitted that if Asuelu got to know what she was doing with the “other guy,” he would flip out. As the recommitment ceremony is in a few days, Liz and Angela asked Kalani something. They wanted to know if she would even attend that or not! Faagata seemed to be really confused as she didn’t even know how to handle the dynamics now!

90 Day Fiance: Will Any Couple Even End Up Together On The Last Resort?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort made the couples undergo a lot. So now fans are wondering if they would be able to last together or not. As per the reports, it appears that Yara and Jovi would be successful in mending fences.

They are already in their happily-ever-after phase and are enjoying back-to-back vacations these days. While on the other hand, Angela Deem and Michael are still married, while the former is trying her best to bring the latter to America.

90 day fiance

But 90 Day Fiance fans are cryptic about Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship. Their marriage has already been jeopardized, and the former’s disdain is evident towards the latter. From the recent teaser, fans felt that Faagata was confused about whether she really wanted to recommit to Pulaa or not.

Amid all this, several reports have claimed that this couple has already parted ways. Moreover, some sources even reported that Kalani is currently with her “hall pass” guy and would soon “move in” with him!

Then comes Big Ed and Liz Woods. They have already bought their “dream house” together. Not only this, but they have reportedly walked down the aisle together as well. Hence, it seems that this couple wouldn’t split just like Kelly and Molly did recently. So, it will definitely become interesting to watch the outcomes now. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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