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Big Ed Brown Claims His 90 Day Fiancé Scenes Are “Iconic” But Fans Aren’t Buying It

90 Day: The Last Resort star Big Ed Brown posts about his "iconic" moments with ex-girlfriend Rose Vega amid his split rumors with Liz Woods.

90 Day Fiancé viewers criticized Big Ed Brown for thinking very highly of himself. Big Ed, 56, became known to fans after his debut in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4. Big Ed, who’s from San Diego, was a divorced photographer in love with a much younger Filipina single mom, Rose Vega. He flew to her country on the spin-off to see her in person but came back single after she saw his true colors. Big Ed then dated American woman Liz Woods and broke up with her 13 times before he went to 90 Day: Last Resort season 1 with her.

Big Ed and Liz reportedly got married after appearing on The Last Resort. At the moment, though, Big Ed is celebrating the holidays, but fans aren’t in the mood for what he’s offering.

He recently posted a Reel on Instagram showing clips from his segments with Rose on Before the 90 Days. He created a video showing “25 of the most iconic Big Ed moments.” In the video, Big Ed spoke about keeping a “few” secrets from Rose, such as his height and his desire to get a vasectomy. Big Ed captioned the post, “In the first season of 90 Day Fiancé, I kept some things from Rose before meeting her in the Philippines. #facepalm.

Big Ed Brown’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey Explained

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed and Liz Woods with glass shards

Fans in Big Ed’s comments section wanted to make him realize that these moments on 90 Day Fiancé were not iconic but, rather, “moronic.” Someone commented, “Still lying and cheating, not much has changed.” A different follower posted, “You spelled ‘idiotic’ wrong.” Indeed, not a lot has changed with Big Ed as he has been dealing with the same relationship issues with Liz all over again. Big Ed had told Rose that his height was 5 feet 2 inches when, in reality, it was 4 feet 11 inches. Rose wished to have kids with Big Ed, and he never told her that he wasn’t interested. He judged her for having body hair when they met in person. He made her insecure about her bad breath.

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Rose emerged as an icon when she refused to tolerate Big Ed’s nonsense and immediately left him. Liz, on the other hand, wasn’t able to dump Big Ed and kept going back to him over and over again. He claimed he underwent therapy the first time they broke up, and that’s how he was able to win her over. However, Big Ed let Liz down 12 more times after the first breakup, which meant that he had always been the problem. Liz decided to give their relationship a chance as they decided to get married in August 2023.

A wedding website confirmed the couple was getting married in Arkansas in a bohemian-themed ceremony. Unfortunately, Big Ed and Liz sparked split rumors in November 2023, suggesting that either the wedding didn’t take place or that the marriage didn’t work out. Big Ed has been spending time with his female friends while Liz has been appearing in public with a mystery man. Big Ed posting about Rose on his Instagram could mean he wants her to take him back. The 90 Day: The Last Resort star had upset Liz by sliding into Rose’s DMs not too long back. However, Rose is happy in her relationship with her Australian boyfriend, Greg.

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