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Days of Our Lives 2024 Preview: A Major Upset, a Devastating Breakdown, a Valentine’s Day Wedding and More

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One word best describes 2024 on Days of Our Lives, based on spoilers for the year ahead: unpredictable. On one side of the canvas, it’s drama with a side of trauma. On the other, love, sweet love. And on yet another side — how many does this show have?!? — intrigue the likes of which could keep the Salem PD scratching their heads for more than one year.

Speaking of the cops, as our town’s drug problem worsens, Rafe, Harris and the mayor’s office investigate, hell-bent on cleaning up Salem’s streets. In related news, Tate takes the fall for Holly.

From behind, a grinning Holly wraps her arms around a seated Tate's neck. He pulls a wry face.

Soon, Sloan may wish she was on drugs. As lil’ Jude’s christening is put off, his “mom’s” donward spiral continues. Also having a tough time, though not one of her own making is Paulina. We’ll finally get to the bottom of her health scare.

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While Steve and Konstantin play cat-and-cat, with each trying to figure out what the other is hiding, the conniver grows closer to Maggie (who should really know how to spot a rat by now, shouldn’t she?).

A confounded Maggie faces Konstantin, who makes an impassioned point.

Since Xander and Sarah change their relationship — never mind that “It’s complicated” will always apply! — we can’t help but wonder whether they will be the couple tying the knot on Valentine’s Day. In addition to their relationship evolving, custody of daughter Victoria is altered.

Finally, as Stephanie and Everett keep bonding over their past, Brady and Kristen argue about the future. The crux of their issue? He accuses her of turning daughter Rachel against him. Which we suppose is still a more definitive state to be in than the one in which Alex and Theresa land: in flux!

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