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Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings: A Shock Exit We Didn’t Think Was Happening!

It is amazing how even after decades of being on air, with almost every possible story touched, Days of Our Lives still catches us by surprise. We really did not see this coming. Especially, since the news of this shock exit was so well kept under wraps! We have known for a while that Martha Madison has parted ways with DOOL. Also, Ari Zucker’s comments on Aketra Sevellian’s post spilled that the latter is exiting as Talia. But what we didn’t expect was Shawn to say goodbye! But is it really farewell for Brandon Beemer? Let’s find out!

Previously, on Days of Our Lives, Shawn has been reeling in the guilt of putting his father in a coma, and then setting the wheels in motion for Victor’s passing. Combined, the guilt really threw Shawn spiraling out of control and leaning heavily on alcohol. As expected, it started to take a toll on his marriage with Belle. Later, in a drunken haze, Shawn slept with Talia! When the truth came out, we knew this would mark the end of Shawn and Belle’s marriage. Thus, giving the latter a reason to skip town. Also, in return, giving Martha a clean exit from DOOL.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Shawn and Talia hookup

However, when the news surfaced that Aketra Sevellian too, is leaving Days of Our Lives as Talia, we wondered what the future track for Shawn would be! Because, honestly, his chemistry with Talia in the hookup scene was fire! Thus, a romantic track in their future made sense at that point. But obviously, with Talia out, it wasn’t happening. Although things are starting to become more clear now. The latest episode of the Peacock soap has opened the door for another shock exit!

Days of Our Lives: Is It The End Of Belle and Shawn, Or A New Beginning?

The spoilers had revealed that Philip and Chloe will be heading off to New York on Days of Our Lives. But what it failed to mention was that Shawn will leave too! Yup! Shawn Brady is heading out of Salem. The October 12, 2023, episode, showed him telling Belle that he has decided to head off to a rehab center that is close to where Bo is. He insisted that he needs to fix himself before they can even begin trying to fix their marriage. When Belle asked for how long he would be gone, he shrugged that he didn’t know.

DOOL/ Will Belle and Shawn be gone forever?

So it looks like both Belle, and Shawn. will be gone from Salem soon. However, the fact that the fate of their marriage is being left open ended means that there will always be a chance for them to return! What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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