General Hospital Comings And Goings: Damian Spinelli Returns For New Round of Drama

General Hospital has been feeling a bit “domesticated” for a while now. With a lot of focus on family and relationship drama. However, its natural essence, the mob backdrop is about to take center stage again! For a while now, a war between Cyrus and Sonny had been simmering on low heat. But the latest spoilers tell us that it is about to blow up to epic proportions! And a previous fan favorite character is returning to be part of it! It’s none other than Damian Spinelli, portrayed by actor Bradford Anderson.

Currently, Ava Jerome is in captivity of a secret captor on General Hospital. Mason previously kidnapped her and handed her off to someone else. Blatantly defying Cyrus’ orders of taking Ava out permanently. Now, Joss knows that Ava is missing and she is at her wit’s ends trying to locate her. Thus, she turn to her lover Dex for help. Who, in turn, will knock Damian Spinelli’s door to pull him into the ongoing drama. The spoilers reveal that the stakes will get further raised when Dex lands into severe danger.

General Hospital
GH/ Will Dex, Joss and Damian be able to save Ava?

Perhaps Cyrus will have Dex abducted and put him on the hot seat on General Hospital. The young man has been working closely with Sonny for a while now. Thus, he is definitely in the know of many secrets. So if Cyrus can pry some intel out of him, he will end up gaining an edge over the dimpled don! So everybody reading this better get their popcorn poppin’, because, the war is just beginning and it is going to be a whole lot of drama and thrill!

Also, the battle is not limited to Cyrus and Sonny on General Hospital. Something tells us that Nikolas Cassadine is going to have a few hands to play in the game too! Actor Adam Huss has once again slipped into the character of The Dark Prince. Moreover, as of now, everything points at him being Ava’s captor! So his dear ex-wife is about to get the shock of her life when she sees him alive! But we wonder what Ava’s fate will be? Will Nik kill her, or is he just trying to scare her? We’ll have to wait and find out!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Nik kill Ava?

In other news, actress Bonnie Burroughs has finally bowed out of General Hospital as Gladys Corbin after a four-year run. Which, of course, comes as no surprise after the atrocities she put Sasha through. Sonny shipped his awful cousin back to Bridgeport. With a warning to never set foot in PC again! But was it really the last time we saw Gladys? Or will she return with some new agenda? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital news and updates!

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