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Days of Our Lives: Hope And Bo Returning? Actors Weigh In

Days of Our Lives has had its fair share of twists and turns over the years, but some things remain constant. One of those constants is the love story of Hope and Bo Brady. The fan-favorite couple, portrayed by Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell, has captured the hearts of viewers for decades. Their characters are adored by fans, and their return has become a profound wish.

Now, there’s a glimmer of hope that this couple might make a return to the show. However, it has twists and turns, as Kristian Alfonso’s commitment to her character’s history makes us doubt. Will these beloved characters grace our screens once more?

With Days of Our Lives 60th Anniversary, Will Bo And Hope Make A Comeback?

The Brady family of Days of Our Lives, with Bo and Hope at its core, has experienced its share of trials. Shawn Brady recently left town to seek rehabilitation, shrinking the family’s presence even further. Bo Brady, the patriarch of the clan, currently lies in a coma, while Hope standing strong by his side. Meanwhile, their children, Ciara, Ben, and little Bo, seem to be somewhere offscreen, with Claire also absent and Belle about to follow suit.

But before you lose all hope, a recent podcast interview with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso might offer a ray of optimism. In a conversation on the “Hey Dude… The 90’s Called!” podcast, Reckell expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility of a return, especially with the show’s 60th anniversary. He remarked, “It looks like the kind of thing I’d like to get back in… Especially when this anniversary of the Days of Our Lives’ coming up, it’d be great to be a part of it.”

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Bo Peter Reckell, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Shawn & Zack

Hope’s Character Commitment: Respecting The History

While fans are eagerly anticipating Bo’s return, the question of whether Hope will accompany him remains unanswered. When asked about the possibility of a soap opera return, Kristian Alfonso responded with a cautious “Well….” Alfonso’s hesitation comes from a deep commitment to her character, Hope. She emphasized the importance of staying true to the character’s history, even if it means declining a return. She explained, “I am one who likes to be honest as far as the history of the characters, and I did not see that happening. I’m not going to lie in my performance or try to sell something that did not happen.”

To maintain this commitment to continuity, Alfonso used to keep stacks of old scripts in her dressing room. She used to ensure that the character’s history remained consistent. She elaborated on this practice, saying, “When we get new writers, sometimes they weren’t always familiar with the show. That was one of the reasons why I had started saving my scripts, so I could go back and go, ‘Hey, listen, I know you want me to say ‘X, Y, and Z’ in this long monologue, but this never happened. It doesn’t track. But it tracks on this page, Days of Our Lives, which was 100 shows ago.”

Days of Our Lives
Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell from their earlies

Many times, Alfonso and Reckell talked about how smart their audiences are and how they can spot plot holes. Going against the established history and character growth would not be fair to viewers who have stuck with Days of Our Lives. As Reckell stated, “You’ve got to respect the audience. If you’re not respecting, they’ll leave, especially now that they have to pay for Peacock.” Alfonso concluded, “It’s all about quality… The history is what it is.”

As fans eagerly await the possible return of Bo and Hope Brady, Kristian Alfonso’s commitment to character history leaves fans pondering the fate of Hope. Will the show choose continuity over nostalgia? Only time will tell. Till then, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates for more exciting news updates of Days of Our Lives!

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