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Days of Our Lives Preview: It’s All Out War Between Brady, EJ and their Entire Families!

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BRady and Theresa are stunned to see Tate Days

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of  January 8 – 12, Lucas is made an offer. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After overdosing, Holly fell into a coma. When Tate declared the drugs were Holly’s, EJ refused to believe it and blamed Tate. He also held Stefan culpable, knowing he was moving drugs for Clyde. And when Brady tried to take the fall for Tate, Tate stepped up and claimed the pills were his, only to be arrested.

As Holly remains on life support, Maggie’s heart breaks for her granddaughter. EJ, Nicole and Eric sit vigil at Holly’s bedside, as Sloan tells Melina, “Nicole may lose her surviving child to a drug overdose.” Melina is stunned.

Holy and Theresa visit Tate in jail and see he’s been beaten up. Brady cries, “My son is in a jail cell and he’s going to be tried as an adult.”

In the station, Justin gives Alex and Theresa a piece of his mind, and announces to Brady, “I am out!” Previously, Theresa asked Justin to represent Tate, but Alex felt they needed a more cutthroat attorney for his type of case.

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Also coming up, Brady confronts Nicole and EJ, and Nicole yells, “How dare you talk about my daughter like that!”

Meanwhile, Chad confronts Stefan and Ava and demands to know if the DiMeras are involved in the drug running in Salem… but of course they are! And in deep with Clyde Weston!

Meanwhile, Harris offers Kate a way to get Lucas out of prison. Kate notes, “If he gets caught, he could die.” Clearly, Harris wants Lucas to be his mole on the inside.

The promo closes with both Brady and EJ swearing on their grandfather and father… it looks like this means war between the Kiriakis and the DiMeras and Brady families. For long-time fans, this feels like Deja Vu!Be sure to read our Days of Our Lives spoilers to find out what Marlena witnesses, and who gets the upper hand on Steve and John.

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