Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa’s Pregnancy Plot – Little Kiriakis Heir to Lock In Future with Alex?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa’s Pregnancy Plot – Little Kiriakis Heir to Lock In Future with Alex?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien) could have another trick up her sleeve when it comes to Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) and their future together.

It seems like Theresa is genuinely trying to put Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) in the rearview mirror, and she has some great reasons to do that now that Alex is a real option.

DOOL has been showing some flashbacks of shady Theresa with Victor Kiriakis’ (John Aniston) briefcase in Greece, so they’re certainly implying that she was up to no good when she was alone with it.

All the clues point to Theresa tampering with the contents of that briefcase and making it appear that Alex is Victor’s son instead of Xander Cook (Paul Telfer).

Although Theresa claims her interest in Alex isn’t about being a gold-digger, the money certainly doesn’t hurt!

It just makes Alex even more appealing, so he’s got a lot going for him since he’s a rich, handsome flirt with a bit of an edge.

That’s basically Theresa’s ideal man, so it’s easy to see why she’s pursuing him so hard.

Alex has much more to offer Theresa than Brady at this point – not to mention Brady can barely stand to be in the same room with her.

Days spoilers suggest Theresa is apparently going all in on her pursuit of Alex, but Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) could be a problem moving forward.

Alex clearly still has feelings for Stephanie, so those could be a hurdle for Theresa – especially considering the marriage issue that’s starting to come between Stephanie and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn).

Days spoilers say that’s the kind of thing that could lead to Stephanie leaning on Alex and growing closer to him again, so there’s the potential for a steamy reunion.

With all that in mind, perhaps Theresa would be wise to have a backup plan – one that would keep her tied to Alex through an heir.

Could Theresa get pregnant by Alex and use the baby to her advantage?

Theresa might hope that Alex will choose her for the child’s sake or at least have to provide for that baby financially.

Of course, things may blow up if Theresa indeed altered the letter to Victor and upended Alex’s life with a bogus paternity revelation.

Theresa has done some serious Kiriakis family damage if that’s the case, so Alex will inevitably unleash his wrath once the truth comes out.

If Theresa is legitimately in love with Alex by then, she could still use the baby to manipulate him and try to become a family.

Do you think Days might offer a Theresa pregnancy shocker and create some “baby daddy” drama for Alex?

Regardless, Days of Our Lives spoilers say some surprises are coming up in Salem no matter what, so stay tuned for updates on whether some baby news is looming for Alex.

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