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Days of Our Lives: Xander and Sarah Hit A New Snag In Custody Battle

A popular saying states that things have to get worse, before they can get better. Days of Our Lives current storyline for Sarah and Xander is perhaps functioning on the same hypothesis! TV Season & Spoilers previously brought to you spoilers that hint at a co-parenting truce between Sarah and Xander.

Which will ultimately lead to a romantic reunion for the fan favorite couple. However, Xarah shippers will have to wait a while for that to happen! Latest spoilers reveal that the battle between the parents is about to get really ugly! So keep reading to find out what’s about to go down next on the Peacock soap!

Xander Depends On Sloan For Baby Victoria’s Custody

Honestly speaking, Sarah really did do her best in trying to keep covers pulled tight on Victoria Grace’s paternity on Days of Our Lives. But no matter what one does, such secrets never stay buried in Salem. Besides, Xander did deserve to know that he is the father of the beautiful baby girl. It is indeed unfair to keep such a huge secret from a man who is willing to be a stand up father to their baby. Thus, when the truth eventually did spill out, Xander decided to appeal for full custody of his daughter! Moreover, he hired sneaky legal eagle Sloan to be his lawyer!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Xander wants full custody of baby Victoria

We know Sloan has her ways on Days of Our Lives! Hence, one can expect that the road ahead is going to get really complicated for Sarah in the custody battle. Because Sloan is ruthless and will not stand back from pulling treacherous schemes to prove Sarah as an unfit mother. The latest spoilers reveal that the sharp lawyer intends on painting Sarah as a schemer and a liar by telling the court she deceived Xander. By not telling him that he was the father, and cooked up a whole different back story to pass Rex as her baby daddy.

Sarah Stands Her Ground On Days of Our Lives

Despite Sloan’s allegations questioning Sarah’s character and intentions on Days of Our Lives, spoilers reveal that Sarah will stand her ground. She will maintain her stance in court that she was only trying to protect her baby. Her whole plea will be that no mother would want an ex-con and a possible murderer to be a constant influence on their child. Which, going by Xander’s tricky history, will be a fair point. Yet, Sarah’s lawyer, Justin Kiriakis, warns her that her previous lies might go against her in court. However, seeing both parties’ claims, we can say that it is anybody’s game at this point.

DOOL/ Sarah maintains her stance against Xander

Having said that, we can’t ignore the fact that spoilers have explicitly teased a happy reunion for Sarah and Xander on Days of Our Lives. The only question is how will the feuding ex-lovers reach that common ground. There have been some past spoilers that suggested a medical emergency with baby Victoria.

A health scare would definitely bring Sarah and Xander’s attention to the larger picture. Ultimately, pushing them to call cease fire and agree to co-parent. Honestly, we can’t wait for it! They surely deserve a happy family! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates son this family feud.

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