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EastEnders Comings And Goings: Nugget RETURNS, Puts Ravi In Question

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EastEnders Comings And Goings: Nugget RETURNS, Puts Ravi In Question

Previously, on EastEnders, Nugget Gulati made a run for it when he made some shocking discoveries about his father Ravi. Pulling a vanishing act like that now has the entire family in knots. Especially, Ravi Gulati. However, Suki Panesar has secretly been in the know of Nugget’s activities. But the latest spoilers reveal that the young boy will return home next week. Moreover, he will come back with a series of tough questions to confront his father with. He had previously vanished into the night after learning from Suki that his father was a murderer.

Long-time viewers will remember that back in 2022, Ravi had murdered Ranveer Gulati on EastEnders. What made things even more painful to watch was the fact that Ranveer was the man who raised Ravi as his son. This was prior to Nish Panesar being revealed as Ravi’s biological father on the BBC One soap. The sad tale didn’t end here. Ravi then let Suki believe that the death actually happened because of her. And to save Suki from a life in prison, her son Kheerat had taken the blame on himself.

EE/ Nugget Gulati

Thus, when Suki found out that Ravi was responsible for Ranveer’s death and not her, she was beside herself. She confronted Ravi on EastEnders, and later let the secret out to Nugget. After which, the young boy escaped into the night. He has been missing ever since. Although the police has been trying their best to locate him, they have had no such luck so far. However, that’s about to change. The latest spoilers hint that in the upcoming episodes, Ravi bumps into Jack Brannings. The latter tells Ravi that Nugget has been spotted.

Ravi immediately heads to No. 41 to inform Nish and Suki that Nugget has been sighted on EastEnders. However, he overhears Suki on the phone while she is talking to Nugget. He gets suspicious of her behaviour and calls her out! An argument breaks out between them and he demands to know if she is aware of Nugget’s whereabouts. But she refuses and manages to cover the phone call. Later, she admits to Nish that she does know where the boy is. So the couple instantly leave to meet Nugget. Unknown to them, Ravi sees them and follows them to the flat where his son is hiding.

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EE/ Will Ravi confess

Later, Ravi manages to drag Nugget back to Walford. However, the young lad has many questions on EastEnders. He demands answers from his father but Ravi denies everything. Will Nugget believe Ravi’s lies? Or will Ravi has to ultimately confess to killing Ranveer? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates.

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