EastEnders: Halloween Terror Takes Over Walford

We are bang in the middle of October, which means the Christmas mega story is swiftly approaching on EastEnders. However, there is one more momentous holiday before Christmas. Halloween! Which, Of Course, is a call for horror! According to the latest spoilers, this year Linda Carter is going to take center stage for the fright season! In a latest chat with the media, the BBC One soap’s boss Chris Clenshaw spilled some details about the upcoming Halloween track! So dive right in to find out what’s in store for Linda ahead on the show.

Last Christmas on EastEnders, Linda Carter’s husband Mick went missing. Some would even say that he is presumably dead. He seemingly drowned in an attempt to save Linda, after a horrifying car crash that propelled them into the sea. However, one can never be too sure about such things in the soap world. After all, Cindy Beale is still alive, isn’t she? Coming back to Linda, she will now be preparing herself to get through things without Mick by her side.

EE/ Linda and Mick

Chris Clenshaw now tells Inside Soap that Linda will get a huge shock during Halloween on EastEnders. Halloween has always been there thing. It was something they did together at The Vic every year. And this time it will be Linda’s first one without him. Thus, making it intensely hard for her. Furthermore, Chris adds that Linda will try her best to get through it all. However, something will catch her off-guard and send her spiraling. The soap runner also points that since Christmas is coming and Linda happens to be one of “The Six”. Thus, we will certainly be seeing more of her as the season approaches.

She has already gone through a lot of changes this year on EastEnders. Including, her mother Elaine Peacock moving into The Vic with George Knight and his daughters. Moreover, Cindy Beale’s return hasn’t been easy on anyone anyway! So it will be interesting to see what comes back to haunt her this Halloween! What do you think it could be? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on the upcoming scares and chills.

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