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General Hospital: Rena Sofer Teases Exciting New Story Line

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From the moment Ned woke up as Eddie Maine on General Hospital, after his accident, we knew it was call for Lois to return to Port Charles. For weeks we speculated the return of Ned’s flame from the 90’s. Thus, we weren’t surprised in the least when the news of Rena Sofer’s return to GH surfaced. However, just like the entire fandom we certainly were psyched at the idea of seeing Eddie and Lois share the screen together again. This is especially exciting for the long time viewers who shipped them as a super couple decades ago!

Although we felt pretty confident that Lois would make a comeback to General Hospital. We have to agree that the makers chose the perfect time. Right when Olivia started to accept Ned as Eddie! Lois coming back at this point has the potential to shake up everything! Especially, since she was such a huge part of Ned’s life during his OG Eddie era. So does that mean Olivia and Ned’s relationship is soon going to become history? Will Eddie, Lois and Brook Lynn come together as a happy family sans Olivia? Let;s find out!

General Hospital
GH/ Ned and Lois in the 90’s

In a recent chat with Soap Opera Digest, Rena Sofer expressed her excitement over returning to General Hospital after a gap of 27 years! She shares that GH’s exec Frank Valentini reached out to her via text asking if she’d be willing to talk to him. She readily agreed. Rena divulged that they had previously met at a wedding and discussed a possible return for Lois. However, at the time she was still on The Bold and The Beautiful. But this time, the timing was perfect!

Will Lois Snatch Ned From Olivia On General Hospital?

Ned has drifted back to his Eddie persona, and Lois just had to return to General Hospital. So when Frank asked if she would return for a short stint as Lois, Rena excitedly agreed. “Lois is probably one of the top three characters I’ve ever played in 37 years of being an actress,” she declared. Although she admitted that she felt nervous about slipping back into the character. But she found the perfect way to get past the jitters! Rena divulged that Lois’ nails are a big part of who she is. Thus, she met a nail artist and worked on matching nail sets for Lois’ entire wardrobe.

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Once she had the nails on, Lois was back, Rena enthused! As for what her fate for the future will be, Rena says her return stint is not about Lois. “The story is about Brook Lynn. The story is about Eddie Maine and Ned,” she established. Lois is back in Pot Charles to support her daughter and to help Eddie remember that he is actually Ned! Moreover, Rena admitted that her return is only for a short time. Thus, we can assume that we won’t be getting a Lois and Eddie happy ending! Once Eddie goes back to being Ned he will most likely reunite with Olivia.

GH/ Ned and Olivia

Oh well, at least we will get some exciting and fun scenes between Lois and the Quartermaines till the time Rena is on the soap. Especially since she maintains that Lois is still mouthy and loud! Phew! we are delighted to hear that because that’s the Lois we remember and love! Also, did you know Wally Kurth (Ned) and Lois (Rena Sofer) used to be married in real life? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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