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General Hospital: Sonny Nina MARRIED, What Will The Truth Mean Now?

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Nina really dug herself deep when she impulsively acted out on General Hospital and spilled the tea to the SEC about Drew and Carly’s insider trading. Ever since the duo got embroiled with the SEC, their lives have been literal hell. Thus, a large part of the onus of it fall on Nina. Although nobody besides her bestie Ava know the truth. However, we knew that the truth would eventually spill out and blow apart Sonny and Nina’s relationship! But will it really? Because the spoilers say Sonny and Nina are very much married!

The Clock Is Ticking On The Truth Bomb As Sonny- Nina Tie The Knot

Sonny, Nina and some of their children have eloped to Sonny’s private island in Puerto Rico on General Hospital. Currently, an ethereal white wedding is underway for the both of them. However, just as Nina feared , the truth is waiting to burst out! Michael had put one of his contacts at the SEC in charge of figuring out who ratted his mother and Drew for the insider trading episode. The latest spoilers reveal that Michael has heard back from his contact and found out that it was Sonny’s bride Nina!

General Hospital
GH/ Sonny and Nina get married

Well, while it is a surprise that the truth landed in Michael’s palm, it is no surprise that the truth came to someone right around Nina’s wedding. We always knew General Hospital was dilly dallying the spillage long enough for Nina to reach the altar. However, there is one really massive surprise waiting for fans! It looks like Michael won’t be able to tell Sonny the truth on time to stop the wedding. Or will he hold on to it deliberately for some more sinister result? That remains to be seen! But the latest news coming in is that Nina and Sonny are now man and wife!

General Hospital: Sonny Finds Out The Truth, What Will He Do Now?

Honestly, once the two of them take their vows, Nina will sigh a breath of relief on General Hospital. Feeling like she is finally out of the woods and the SEC debacle is in the past. But that’s hardly the case! We previously saw this with Portia and Curtis! Her secret came out right after they married, and the damage has still not repaired! Looks like this is exactly what’s about to go down with Sonny and Nina! Interestingly, Curtis found solace in Jordan’s arms when he felt betrayed by Portia! Could something similar happen with Sonny? If yes, then who will it be? Carly or wait for it… Anna?!?

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GH/ Who will it be?

Yes, Carly would like the most obvious answer because of her history with Sonny. Moreover, many fans feel Sonny and Carly are endgame! However, that day still seems far because Carly is totally committed to Drew’s case right now. So the chances of her leaping into bed with Sonny are a little lower right now. Unless, she doe sit to get back at Nina! Well, if she does, it really would gut Sonny’s bride! Anyway, if you do browse social media, then you may have come across plenty of posts regarding the sparkling chemistry that has suddenly started to shine between Sonny and Anna! And we know the latter is having trouble with Valentin.

So what if she and Sonny started hanging for heart-to-hearts and then progressed to the bedroom? Sounds possible, right? What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Sonny and Nina’s future!

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