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General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of October 16, 2023: Nina’s Fate Is In Michael’s Hands, Will She Get Married To Sonny?

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General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of October 16, 2023, reveal that Michael will get his hands on an explosive piece of intel against Nina. But what will he finally decide to do with it? Also, watch out for feisty Lois to clash with Tracy like the good old 90’s. Meanwhile, Laura and Kevin will have their hands full with trying to tackle Charlotte and Spencer’s problems respectively. Will they be able to make peace? Keep reading to find out the answer and so much more! This is certainly not a week to miss!

Lois Clashes With Tracy, Michael Receives Intel From SEC

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lois Cerullo has finally arrived in Port Charles. During the week of October 16, 2023, she will meet Harrison Chase for the first time. Much to Brook Lynn’s delight she will instantly be charmed by her daughter’s hunky boyfriend and approve of him. On a spicy note, viewers can expect Lois to lock horns with Tracy Quartermaine over something. Perhaps over how she pushed BLQ to do her bidding at Deception. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Portia and Curtis will try to work through their problems and have some honest conversations. Although Portia will later get in a conflict with Jordan over something.

General Hospital
GH/ Lois and Tracy clash

Trouble will start brewing for Nina when Michael hears back from his contact at the SEC. The person will inform Carly’s son about who really reported her and Drew to the SEC. Thus, we can assume that Michael will find the truth that it was Nina. Moreover, the General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will do something dangerous with the intel. But will it be in time to let Sonny know before he marries Nina? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, in Port Charles, Carly pushes Sam to help her expose the dirty judge. At this point, she is wiling to go to any lengths to get Drew out of prison or at least have him transferred to a safer facility.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin and Laura Create Interventions, Ava’s Life Remains In Danger

After getting Valentin’s call, Laura and Kevin have returned to Port Charles to tend to Charlotte’s problem. Laura will assist Valentin during the week of October 16, 2023, in dealing with Charlotte and the terrifying acts she pulled with Anna. Furthermore, the spoilers reveal that the teen will be caught off-guard. Thus, there is a chance that her father and grandma might confront her upfront about what she did. As for Kevin, he too, will have his hands full with intervening between Spencer and Esme when they get into a clash, perhaps over Ace.

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GH/ Kevin and Laura return to Port Charles

Elsewhere, Joss will begin panicking over Ava’s disappearance on General Hospital. She will push Dex to help her trace and save Ava from her captor. However, the quest might land Dex in some danger. Meanwhile, Ava’s life will hang in the balance too. She remains in captivity of whom so ever Mason delivered her to, despite Cyrus’ command to kill her. Something tells us her captor could very well be Nik. So watch out for her ex-husband to reveal himself to her. Ava’s face will be a sight! Do you think Nik will let her live? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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