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General Hospital Spoilers: Stella’s Ex-Boyfriend Tied to WSB & Forsythe – George Shows Up with Ulterior Motives?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Stella’s Ex-Boyfriend Tied to WSB & Forsythe – George Shows Up with Ulterior Motives?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that there has to be a reason why Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) confided in Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) about her ex-boyfriend. Back in the November 9 episode, Stella told Felicia about a man she fell hard for during her extended stay in London.

That man’s name was George, and he was a proper English gentleman according to Stella. It certainly sounds like George could be a debonair James Bond spy type – and that would work well if he’s tangled up in another storyline.

Could George have ties to the WSB and Jameson Forsythe? It’s a possibility to consider, especially now that this Forsythe situation is becoming even more mysterious.

Forsythe seemingly stole all the dirt Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) had on him before someone ran him down intentionally with their vehicle. Suddenly, Forsythe went from a formidable foe to a deceased guy on a cold slab in the morgue.

Of course, now Anna is wondering who took Forsythe out and where that stolen evidence is. This mystery is deepening, so it’s easy to see the potential for this storyline to overlap with Stella’s ex-boyfriend problems.

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Stella admitted that she turned down George’s marriage proposal since it would’ve meant staying in London, so the setup’s perfect for him to show up in Port Charles at some point.

George may try to reunite with Stella, but he could have ulterior motives for being in town if he’s connected to the WSB and Forsythe mess.

Forsythe had ties to the United Kingdom, so maybe George worked with him in the past. It’s possible George was the hit-and-run driver – or he could at least know who might’ve taken Forsythe out instead.

George might’ve had a motive to get his hands on that evidence, so it’ll be interesting to see if GH writers weave him into the latest WSB drama with a Forsythe connection.

Whatever the case, Stella’s ex-boyfriend has a name and a backstory, so it’s reasonable to think George will arrive on canvas in the not-too-distant future.

That could put George in the middle of Anna’s GH storyline too, so stick with us for updates on any possible link.

General Hospital spoilers say Anna will face another round of shocking news and try to get to the bottom of the mystery she’s facing. Be sure to drop by CDL regularly for the hottest General Hospital spoilers, news and updates!

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