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90 Day Fiance: TJ Wants Kimberly To Be “Caretaker” Of The House After Marriage

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance stars TJ and Kimberly finally jumped all hurdles to tie the knot. The latter has been struggling to adjust to his partner’s country because of the cultural differences. She has had many arguments with his family about their culture and customs.

But finally, Kimberly and TJ are together after their lavish wedding. After over twenty hours of wedding celebrations, the pair is ready to start their journey.

Kimberly is excited to make a fresh start and mend her relationship with TJ’s family. But things are not as easy as it sounds for the new bride. It appears that the latter had been hiding something about the Indian culture. Why does he want her to act as a caretaker of the family?

90 Day Fiance: TJ Introduces New Household Responsibilities To Kimberly!

90 Day Fiance stars TJ and Kimberly had been struggling to tie the knot since their debut. The latter fell in love with the Indian native and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. However, things got messy when she visited India to learn about their customs and traditions.

They had many ups and downs before marriage. But they finally convinced Tj’s family and tied the knot according to the Indian culture. The pair had multiple ceremonies, and it was a completely new experience for the American native. Kimberly stated it was “the most exhausting experience” she ever had, but she likes being married to TJ so far.

Now, Kimberly’s new goal is to develop better bonds in the family after trying her best to communicate clearly and calmly with everyone. But TJ had been keeping some things from his new wife. He explained that the new bride was clueless about the new responsibilities after their marriage.

TJ admitted that he kept these things from Kimberly so she wouldn’t freak out. The Indian star revealed that people in his country give special respect to women and consider them as the head of the house.

Further, TJ opened up about the different roles of women as mothers, sisters, and a caretaker of the house. Later, the TLC celeb appreciated his wife for adopting the traditions well despite being new to their culture.

90 Day FInace: Kimberly “Really Scared” After Tying The Knot With TJ!

Kimberly Rochelle had a mixed reaction when she first entered 90 Day Fiance and came to India to meet TJ. She had a reality check after meeting his family and learning about their culture. But now she is happily married to TJ after so many bumps in the journey.

However, she finally had to say goodbye to her parents. The 90 Day Fiance star has only TJ by his side. She felt he was the only support for her In India after her parents left for America. Also, she still remembered the bitter memories with her husband’s family before marriage.

90 Day Fiance
TLC: Kimberly

Kimberly was hoping for a beautiful future with everyone. But she was feeling “really scared” to be around TJ’s family after so much bitterness. The American native still feels the tension between them because of their cultural difference.

Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers to know more about how Kimberly will react after knowing more about the household responsibilities on 90 Day Fiance.

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