First Days of Our Lives’ Kristen Comes Roaring Back, Next… Wow, *Two* Even More Surprising Returns?!?

We’re barely four days into the new year and already, it’s looking like things are going to be very interesting on Days of Our Lives. And that could be thanks to one of Salem’s biggest wildcards: Kristen DiMera. Yes, she’s been MIA for a little while now, but, according to the 2024 preview (see the link below) she’s about to come roaring back to once again butt heads with Brady over Rachel.

Their precocious daughter is, after all, still living in the DiMera mansion somewhere and every time we’ve seen her, she’s clearly been thriving in that particular den of vipers. But where in the world has she been lately as chaos has reigned among the DiMeras? Stefan’s caught in Clyde’s clutches, EJ and Nicole have been suffering blow after blow and Chad’s off at the Hortons’ as his relationship has crumbled.

Brady broods in the DiMera doorway as Kristen holds a smiling Rachel in her arms.



Well, now that we know we’ll be seeing Kristen fighting, once more, over Rachel, we started to think that perhaps her daughter is the key to what Kristen’s been up to. Because what if she’s been off doing what she does best: orchestrating the downfalls of her enemies? Remember what happened back in October?

Stefan and Gabi didn’t just play dirty with Kristen over Rachel, they were downright vicious. They blackmailed her into handing over her shares of DiMera by threatening to tell everyone she was abusing Rachel. (And tricking the poor kid into creating a video to back it up.) That kind of cruelty isn’t something Kristen would lightly forgive.

Kristen scowls at Stefan. Behind her, an impatient looking Gabi regards her with crossed arms.

It might even prompt her to take drastic actions to get revenge… like team up with Li to frame Gabi for murder and send her packing! A little while ago Remington Hoffman teased that Li may not be as dead as we thought. And both of them have ample reason to want to make Stefan — and especially Gabi — pay.

The problem is, Li seemed to pretty definitively die in the hospital. But that’s only a problem if you don’t have someone with Dr. Rolf’s genius on hand to reverse that little hiccup! Kristen’s disappearance from our screens could be because she’s been off bringing Li back and further plotting to make sure Gabi never, ever sees the light of day as a free woman again.

Dressed in all black, Li emerges from blue curtains and gives Kristen a menacing look

After all, Gabi and Stefan pulled their tricks on Li and Kristen almost simultaneously and we haven’t really seen her since then — or since Li’s supposed death! Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time the two worked together with Dr. Rolf. And while Rolf may not go along with a plan to hurt Stefan himself, seeing as he went to all that trouble to save Stefan’s son, he probably wouldn’t hesitate at a plan to remove Gabi from the chess board.

Of course, we all know that in Salem plans never go as, well, planned. So if we get Kristen and Li back soon, then it’s a safe bet Gabi can’t be too far behind. But just how far is their plot going? Could they also be behind Clyde putting the screws to Stefan?

Time will tell, but we wouldn’t put any of this past Kristen. She’s dangerous enough on her own, but threaten her relationship with Rachel and there’s no telling how far she could go.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/

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