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General Hospital: Shocking Twist! Is Ryan Chamberlain Still Alive and Haunting Ava?

In the recent past, General Hospital has really upped its game with some really intriguing storylines. While there are some plots that are being unnecessarily dragged, a.k.a. Nina’s SEC secret. Ava Jerome’s story on the contrary has seen a lot of progress. What started with Austin helping Ava with getting rid of Nik’s supposed dead body. Has come a full circle with Austin actually falling dead to the ground. What’s even more disturbing is that whoever shot the man dead, sent her a momento of it!

Ava received a picture of Austin’s lifeless body in her mail on General Hospital. There was an equally disturbing note with it, which simple read “You’re Welcome”. But of course the air was heavy with a sinister sense. Who could have really sent her the photo? Cyrus Renault becomes the first name to pop in everyone’s mind be default. Only because he is the sole villain in PC right now. However, what if that wasn’t the case? What if there is someone else lurking in the sidelines – aiming for Ava. Someone like Ryan Chamberlain!

General Hospital
GH/ Ava receives a note

Is Ava’s Stalker Back On General Hospital

Cyrus Renault’s intentions and trysts with crime are already in the open on General Hospital. So it really does not make any sense to create a mystery out of him shooting Austin Holt. Yet, the makers chose to hide the identity of the man who gunned down Austin in the Pautuck cabin. It’s obvious that the makers are building up for the return of some iconic character. Possibly with dark traits and a link to Ava Jerome. When you put those two together there are only two names that jump to our mind. – Ryan and Nikolas!

We would say that Nik could’ve done it, but the last time we saw him on -screen he appeared rather chummy with Austin on General Hospital. So, we can’t really spot an angle here. In fact, if anything, Austin was witness to the fact that Ava tried to kill Nik. Why would he eliminate someone who he could use as an asset later! So that really just leaves us with one possibility – Ryan Chamberlain.

GH/ Could Ryan have survived the bullet on Spoon Island?

Moreover, going back the fact that how obsessed he is with Ava, it fits that he thinks he did her a favor by taking out Austin on General Hospital. Hence, the “You’re Welcome” note. Yes, yes, we know he is supposed to be dead. But do we really

need to discuss just about how many characters have risen from their graves previously? Moreover, actor Jon Lindstrom still on board as Kevin. So it would be no trouble for him to slip back in Ryan’s role for this story!


What say you? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this story.

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